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Dr. Jen on The Veterinarian Success Podcast Episode #55

Dr. Jen was recently invited to join podcast host, Isaiah Douglass, on the The Veterinarian Success podcast. The conversation is wide ranging and so enjoyable. You don’t want to miss this back and forth. These two professionals chat through:

  • What Dr. Jen would do if she couldn’t work in veterinary medicine.
  • Thoughts for working with family.
  • Favorite platform to create content. HINT follow Dr. Jen’s YouTube channel.
  • The difference between inspiration and creativity.
  • Where to find inspiration for content.
  • Misunderstandings within veterinary medicine.
  • Being young in veterinary medicine.
  • Imposter Syndrome.
  • Practice Ownership.
  • Best books, podcasts, videos Dr. Jen’s watched recently.
  • Finally, Dr. Jen’s soapbox topic.

The Episode

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