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Why should you be asking your dog or cat’s boarding place, daycare, or groomer if they have Dr. Jen the vet’s Healthy Pet-keeping Seal?!

If you’re a pet owner, you want to ensure that your furry friend is in good hands when you’re away. That’s why it’s important to look for a pet care facility that has Dr. Jen the vet’s “Healthy Pet-keeping Seal”.

The Healthy Pet-keeping Seal is a program that Dr. Jen has created to help pet care facilities ensure that they are following the best practices for keeping pets healthy and safe from infectious diseases. Facilities that receive the seal have demonstrated that they are committed to providing the highest level of preventive care for pets entrusted to them.

When you see the Healthy Pet-keeping Seal, you can feel confident that the facility has taken the recommended steps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases among pets. Dr. Jen’s seal signifies that the facility has implemented proper sanitation protocols, is following appropriate vaccination requirement recommendations, and has trained staff members who know how to identify and respond to potential disease outbreaks.

As a pet owner, you want to be sure that your furry friend is not only receiving quality care but is also in a safe and healthy environment. While no one can prevent all disease, by choosing a facility with the Healthy Pet-keeping Seal, you can trust that your pet is in an environment designed to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and the facility is committed to providing the best possible care.

In addition, by choosing a facility with the Healthy Pet-keeping Seal, you’re also supporting the mission of promoting pet health and safety. Dr. Jen is passionate about educating pet owners and pet care professionals on the importance of preventing the spread of infectious diseases and encouraging best practices in the pet care industry.

So, if you’re a pet owner, be sure to look for Dr. Jen the vet’s Healthy Pet-keeping Seal at your pet care facility!

For pet care facilities

Why should your pet care facility engage Dr. Jen and work towards getting her “Healthy Pet-keeping Seal” for your place?

First, let’s talk about infectious diseases in dogs and cats. Did you know that there are over 200 infectious diseases that can affect our furry friends? That’s right, over 200! And unfortunately, these diseases can spread rapidly in places where pets are in close proximity to each other, like boarding kennels, doggie daycares, and groomers.

Now, you might be thinking, “Oh no, that sounds scary!” But fear not, because this is where Dr. Jen comes in! Dr. Jen is not only a highly qualified veterinarian, but she’s also an expert in infectious disease prevention. She knows everything there is to know about keeping our pets safe and healthy, and she’s here to share her knowledge with you AND your staff!

So, why is it important to have a veterinary consultant like Dr. Jen for your pet care service? Well, for starters, she can help you identify potential disease outbreaks before they even happen. With her expertise, she can advise you on the best practices for preventing the spread of infectious diseases among pets, like proper sanitation and vaccination protocols.

But that’s not all! Dr. Jen is also a master at explaining complicated epidemiology concepts in a way that anyone can understand. Have you ever tried to read a scientific paper on infectious disease? It’s not exactly light reading. But Dr. Jen has a talent for breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand terms, so you don’t have to be a scientist to understand what’s going on.

And let’s not forget about Dr. Jen’s credentials and background. She’s a graduate of one of the top veterinary schools in the country, and she has years of experience working in both private practice and research. She’s published numerous papers on infectious disease, and she’s even been invited to speak at conferences all around the world.

While there is no guarantees in life, if you want to keep your pet care facility as safe and healthy as possible for all of your furry clients, you need Dr. Jen the vet on your team. With her expertise, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything you can to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. And who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about epidemiology in the process!

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