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Want to find out more about one of the world’s most interesting veterinarians?  You are in the correct place!  Dr. Jen Chatfield is one of the most dynamic speakers!  Whether lecturing on zoo medicine, unique husbandry of the world’s most endangered species, policy impacts on the global wildlife conservation, or zoonotic diseases, Dr. Jen engages audiences like no other!  Whether you are planning a large event with more than a thousand attendees or an intimate conversation over supper for twenty five leaders in your field, Dr. Jen will inspire and entertain while educating your guests on the sly!

After a career that has seen her making her way through the rainforests of Madagascar to a busy emergency veterinary practice saving the lives of those most precious family members, Dr. Jen is a pioneer in her field and has a passion for sharing her love of the animal world with others.  Her firm belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to engage with the amazing animals on this planet to inspire their commitment to conservation drives Dr. Jen to connect with audiences like no other!  Her experience in federal policy adds the pragmatic component necessary to truly empower you to make a difference.

Interested in having Dr. Jen join your policy panel, continuing education event, or show? Reach out to us for booking details at