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Is This a Thing? Veterinary Translations for Pet Owners!

Check out this teaser for Dr. Jen's new YouTube show!  Be sure to click SUBSCRIBE on her YouTube channel so you don't miss a single enlightening and demystifying episode!  What's up first?  Dog lameness, diarrhea, and what you need to know about preventive care for your new puppy! Click the YouTube icon at the top of this page to go straight to our channel!

DVM360 feline flu

As we all anxiously await the end of crazy quarantine and a return to normal life, here's a look back at an article Dr. Jen wrote all about her favorite pathogen (well, one of her favorites!), influenza! Fun with feline flu: Can cats get influenza? May 2, 2019 While influenza has been around since the 1500s,1 the virus caught the public's attention in a whole new way recently when the pandemic of...

COVID-19 in big cats

Dr. Jen talks all about COVID-19 in animals, including the big cats at the Bronx zoo!  For the nitty gritty of the interview, find a text version of the highlights, here. April 6, 2020 - Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive for COVID-19

Dr. Jen on “Your Veterinary Voice”

Here is an "oldie, but a goodie!"  Dr. Jen interviewed for episode 10 of DVM360's "Your Veterinary Voice."  Check it out - it is good to know that Dr. Jen is still the same: a passionate advocate for animal care with insatiable curiosity! Your Veterinary Voice: Episode 10: Dr. Jenifer Chatfield

Check out Dr. Jen’s YouTube Channel!

Dr. Jen is finally on YouTube - well, on her own channel!  As many of you know, Dr. Jen has been on YouTube in videos since before it was cool.  Now, you can find her latest videos all in one place.  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to her channel so you won't miss a single video and to conveniently find new posts!  Click here: Dr. Jen's Channel  

Dog Care on Air Interview

Preventing Disease In Your Dog with Dr. Jenifer Chatfield WATCH NOW! Dog Care On Air host Dr. Sarah Wooten interviews world renowned veterinarian and disease specialist Dr. Jenifer Chatfield. Here is the link to Dr. Chatfield's podcast: Here is the link to vote for Dr. Chatfield's podcast and see all the nominees - they are in the Science and Medicine Category Dr Jenifer Chatfield is one of the...

Dr. Jen joins VPNextGen Advisory Board

Dr. Jen is the newest member of the VPNextGen advisory board!  Veterinary students can submit anonymous questions or requests for advice to board members and the answers are posted to benefit all veterinary students.  Look for Dr. Jen's input to help you navigate your #vetstudentlife.

Dr. Jen Chatfield’s favorite things

Want to wrap up your holiday in a perfect bow? There’s no better place to turn than Dr. Jenifer Chatfield’s list of favorite things.  Her selection includes great gift ideas for everyone on your list. Dr. Jen hand picked these great gifts from Amazon.  And, if you use AmazonSmile to place your order,  Amazon donates 0.5% of the price  to the charitable organization of your choice.  Dr....